About_MeandMikeHi, my name is Jan, and as you can see from the title of my blog, I love yarn! I am an avid knitter and a yarn snob. On this blog, I’m going to share my projects, my discoveries and definitely my yarn addition with you! I work at the best yarn store in Florida, A Good Yarn in Sarasota. This helps feed my addiction!

A few other things about me, I am married to a wonderful man named Mike. He’s a successful sci-fi/fantasy author, so if you like that genre, you can find him here. We have two boys. One is going to college in Orlando, as well as being an aspiring model, and the other is in high school here in Sarasota, loves to play video games, and hopes to design them some day.  We also have two very fluffy Siberian kitties named Sasha and Nina.


Mike and I love to travel in our RV and we get out as often as we can. So on this blog, you will also see talk of our travels, the places we visit, and of course, a peek into any yarn stores I visit along the way! If you would like to hear more about the RV side of things, or read a lot more about our road trips, visit Welcome to RV Living. I look forward to sharing my yarn-filled life with you!

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  1. Hi Jan,
    I am so excited to hear I won the Lavender and Lace Santa. Thank you so much. It was very generous of you. I so enjoy watching your videos.

  2. Cricket Collection, Playing With Jax question…I just ordered the Playing With Jax chart, but do not have it yet.

    On your YouTube video you showed on your phone an alternative way of stitching out the center white pumpkin with leaves on it instead of the face. Would you please share where I would be able to locate the alternative chart with the leaves? I much prefer the leaves….
    Thank you sew much!!

  3. Jan I need your help bad. I am an old school cross stitcher. Using DMC for years. Now I am working on a project that has Watercolours thread. I got it but don’t know how to separate it the right way. Can you please show me how. I feel like you are my best friend some days. If you know of a you tube that would help please let me know.
    Mary Boze

    1. Hi Mary! I am happy to be your best friend any day! 🤗
      I have som Watercolours around here some place. I’ll find them and on tomorrow’s Stitch with me video, I’ll talk about them and show you how to separate them and work with them. Now, I will say it’s been a long time since I’ve used them, but I’ll help as best I can.

  4. I saw the short video on IG where you received all the linen from the stitcher who had to quit stitching on linen. I want to know what method you use to get the crease lines out of that linen that has been folded up for such a long time. I recently pulled out some black Aida for a project and after ironing and steaming and misting and ironing I can still see a faint line where it was folded. I like your new haircut. It looks so cool.

    1. Hi Pat! Did I answer this somewhere else? I have a feeling I did, but just in case, I will answer it here! Sorry I didn’t see this sooner!
      So, I think you have done pretty much what I do, by the sounds of it. I do use a product called Best Press to spray on it, and that may help somewhat more, but if I am using something that has been folded along the same line for a long time, then I have found it pretty much impossible to remove the line completely. Many people say that when you have it blocked and stretched for framing, that will remove any remaining line that might be there, and it should, as long as it’s a crease and not a faded mark along that line. I’m afraid I can’t say for sure on that fact, though, because I don’t have a project that comes to my mind as having experienced this. Hope that helps a little bit!

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