Jan Hicks Creates – Color Conversions

As many of you know, I love to change up the colors in my cross stitch projects, or choose multiple colors for monochromatic projects. I just can’t get enough of color! On this page, I will be posting the colors I am using whenever I make changes to the called-for colors. If you ever have a question about what colors I’m using, this will be the place to find that information. To view larger images, please click on the photos.

Abbreviations to know:
GAST = Gentle Arts Sampler Threads
VMST = Victorian Motto Sampler Shop Threads
WDW = Weeks Dye Works
CC = Crescent Colorworks

Sing a Sampler Series by Silver Creek Samplers

Photo by Jennifer Drinka

My original inspiration came from this picture posted by Jennifer Drinka on one of the cross stitch groups on Facebook. Jennifer very kindle gave me permission to share her photo and color conversion.

Jennifer also shared this picture of the floss she used with this description:

“Top row is all the frame colors (and Do, Re, Mi, etc.) in order. All the words in the frames are done in The Gentle Art Sable. The rest should be easy to match up with the project I think. 
Frame colors – WDW Cayenne, GAST Pumpkin Pie, WDW Lichen, GAST Pine, GAST Mediterranean Sea, WDW Merlin, WDW Purple Haze
Not pictured are what I used for the words top and bottom (DMC 550) and random Mo’s sale flosses I used for the little accent medallions, flowers, etc. I did all those at the end and just chose whatever color struck my fancy one at the time. I didn’t think to write any of it down, though!”

Photo by Jennifer Drinka

So, this was my starting point. If I didn’t have the color she used for a particular frame, I substituted something similar that I do have. Here is what I came up with,
Red – WDW Cayenne = Needle Necessities 153 (this is an old red from my stash)
Orange – GAST Pumpkin = WDW Chrysanthemum
Yellow – WDW Lichen = GAST Daffodil
Green – GAST Pine
Blue – GAST Mediterranean Sea = GAST Blue Jay
Indigo – WDW Merlin – (haven’t found a good deep blue substitute for this one yet.)
Violet – WDW Purple Haze = WDW Mulberry
GAST Sable for the words inside the block and DMC 550 for the verse at the top and the bottom.

Like Jennifer, I’m using whatever is convenient for the other parts of each design. If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Indigo Lane by With Thy Needle and Thread

Colors used:
GAST Baby Spinach = endive
VMST Sampler Greenery = Cornhusk
3033 = WDW Light Khaki
GAST Crystal Lake = Summer Shower
VMST Sampler Greenery = Cornhusk
GAST Midnight = Deep Sea
The rest – I used what’s called for

Winter Wonderland by Kaniki’s Prims and Whims

Colors used:
Espresso Bean – VMST Midnight Brown/3371
Dark Chocolate – VMST Primitive Cocoa
Pecan Pie – 3031
Wood Trail – VMST Rustic Greens
Heirloom Gold – VMST Eagle’s Nest
Wheat Fields – VMST Nut Shells
Parchment – VMST Taupe Lace
Piney Woods
Buckeye Scarlett – NN Cranberry
Country Redwood – VMST Pressed Rose Petals
Uniform Blue – VMST Prim Blues
Dungarees – GAST Blueberry

Hoity Toity by Long Dog Samplers

Raven = VMST Midnight Hour
Tea Rose = VMST Glorious Pinks
Gingersnap = VMST Shades of Coral
Apricot Blush
Tropical Ocean
Lexington Green
Harvest Basket
Banker’s Grey
Holly Berry – VMST holland tulips
Corn husk
Briar Rose
Grecian Gold
Uniform Blue – VMST Old Salem Spelle
Bluebell – VMST Summer Winds

Quilter’s Cottage by Lori Holt of Quilter’s Cottage

My color conversion:
817 = Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Threads (VMST) Black Cherry
3705 = VMST Southern Belle
760 = VMST Holland Tulips
435 = Gentle Arts Sampler Threads (GAST) Cottage Blue
743 = VMST Yellow Green
703 = VMST Southern Mint
702 = Mystery Variegated Green from my stash
964 = Cottage Garden Threads (CGT) Earl Grey for window panes/VMST Southern Belle for other areas
825 = VMST Easter Special 2018
535 = VMST Slate
169 = CGT Earl Grey
Ecru = WDW Whitewash
Tree Trunks = VMST Primitive Stone

Green on Green by Rosewood Manor

I’ve just started this one, but I have had requests for the silk colors and fabric color. I will update the photos when I have finished this one.

Fabric is Burnt Bronze by Under the Sea Fabrics. I believe this may have been a Fabric of the Month at some point and is no longer available on their website. The floss is silk from Silks4U in colors SK-128 (Gold), SK-108 (Blues), and SK-053 (Cream). These are their small skeins.

Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch Along 2017

I’m still working on this one (as of April 2019), but I have a chosen color set that I’m using throughout the sampler. I have gotten many requests for my color list, so here it is (all DMC):

Greens: 3051, 3052, 471
Blues: 931, 932
Purples: 3740, 3041
Reds: 815, 224, 315
Golds: 680, 676, 434