Ode to a Peacock Cross Stitch Pattern



Peacocks should be my spirit animal! Those colors! The peacock is the star of the show, with a marbled wall as his back drop. Think of him strutting his stuff in front of the gorgeous Taj Mahal, thinking he is the one everyone is there to see!

This design was inspired by some linens I picked up at an antique store. I have since learned from the brilliant people who follow me on my Flosstube channel, that the pieces I got are antimacassars, that go on the arms and the back of a chair. Thank you to everyone who let me know that! From those old pieces, this peacock was born anew!

If you want to stitch this on a fabric other than grey, I would recommend that you change the grey floss to a color that is tonal to the fabric color. For instance, if you choose a light blue, pick a light-ish blue floss to replace the grey. The idea is that you can see that background pattern, but just barely. You don’t want it to compete with the peacock. Please feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions.

Model is stitch on 40 ct Tea Set linen by Graham Cracker Fabrics. I stitched this with Missus Sedas Silk Floss, 1 strand over two linen threads. There is also a DMC conversion provided.

I have provided two PDFs for this design. The first one contains the PDF in black and white and color charts, plus the cover page and footer page with photos, thread sorter, key and thread usage pages. The second one is a stripped down version for Pattern Keeper. It is the one titled JHC_OdetoPeacock_PatternPK. It contains only the black and white chart and the key, making it easy to upload to Pattern Keeper.

MS 20 or DMC 310
MS 24 or DMC 702
MS 36 or DMC 991
MS 38 or DMC 3846
MS 43 or DMC 995
MS 58 or DMC 792
MS 61 or DMC 3827
MS 71 or DMC 415

I would love to see your version of my designs! If you share on social media, be sure to tag #janhickscreates.

This design uses 8 colors of floss.

Stitch Count 122 x 145

Finished Design Size:
14 ct (over 1) or 28 ct (over 2) – 8.7 x 10.4 in.
16 ct (over 1) or 32 ct (over 2) – 7.6 x 9.1 in.
18 ct (over 1) or 36 ct (over 2) – 6.8 x 8.1 in.
40 ct (over 2) – 6.1 x 7.2 in.

My patterns come as PDFs delivered to your inbox. They are fully compatible with the Pattern Keeper app, making it easier than ever to stitch my designs!

Original design – Copyright Jan Hicks Creates 2021

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