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Introducing Seasons in Lace – Summer, the third of the Seasons in Lace series. I loved designing and stitching this one, too.  I loved seeing how the colors played out in the different elements, and how the different elements played together to create the whole. I truly hope you enjoy stitching this as much as I did! In the photo gallery, you can see how the three pieces look together.

I love to browse Pinterest, because I get ideas for designs from the quirkiest things. This design was inspired by a little mixed media project using a variety of pieces of vintage lace. (Photo of my inspiration piece is included in the gallery of this design.) This little design really got my brain spinning on what I could do to recreate this as cross stitch. Then I got the January Fine Floss Club from Fat Quarter Shop which included 5 colors of NPI silk. I knew these were the perfect colors and the perfect floss for this piece, and I immediately sat down at my computer and started designing. The elements for this piece all fell together like they were meant to be.

The design for  Autumn will also be stitched using the silk packs from Fat Quarter Shop, a different set of colors for each season. If you want to use the silks and get the pack, I highly recommend you sign up for the club now. (You will still be able to buy the floss individually as well.) You can find it here: NPI Silk Floss Club

The model for Seasons in Lace – Summer was stitched on 36 ct Sampler Khaki linen from xJuDesign. Once again, I used two strands of NPI silks over two linen threads. I have also included conversions for DMC. Please be aware, DMC is sorely lacking in purples. There were no DMC equivalents for any of the NPI purples I used. I therefore chose one of the purple ranges of the DMC as the conversion. This means that if you choose to stitch with the DMC, your piece will not look like the model. There is more of a difference in the colors of purple of the DMC than there is in the NPI. Your final piece will still be beautiful, just different from the model.

Floss usage – The floss usage is based on two strands on 14 ct fabric with a 6 strand 8 m skein. NPI is an 8-strand skein. Using 2 strands on 36 ct, I still needed the second skein of the darkest shade and used about half of the second skein.

This design uses 5 colors of floss. Use the links below to purchase from Fat Quarter Shop.
NPI 101
NPI 103
NPI 104
NPI 105
NPI 106 

Finished Design Size:
Stitch Count – 108 x 168
Finished Design Size:
14 ct (over 1) or 28 ct (over 2) – 7.7 x 12 in.
16 ct (over 1) or 32 ct (over 2) – 6.8 x 10.5 in.
18 ct (over 1) or 36 ct (over 2) – 6 x 9.3 in.
40 ct (over 2) – 5.4 x 8.4 in.

I will be stitching these individually and sewing them together, but I’m not going to try to match up the stitches. I will be leaving a stitch space in between each section when I sew them together. If you want to do them all together on one piece of fabric, so that that gorgeous center design matches up, here are the dimensions for the finished stitch count. Each section will have the same dimensions. (Note: This does not include what you will need for border and framing. This is only the measurements for the finished design itself.)

Overall Stitch count – 218 x 340

14 ct (over 1) or 28 ct (over 2) – 15.5” x 24.2”
16 ct (over 1) or 32 ct (over 2) – 13.6” x 21.2”
18 ct (over 1) or 36 ct (over 2) – 12.1” x 18.8”
40 ct (over 2) – 10.8” x 16.9”

If you are looking for the standalone product, Vintage Lace, click here.

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Original design – Copyright Jan Hicks Creates 2021

Please honor the hours of hard work and creativity that I put into my designs. Make a working copy of the chart for yourself if you need to, but please do not share/distribute print copies or digital copies of this chart.

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