Sewing Box Sampler 1 Cross Stitch Pattern



This sampler, which I have named the Sewing Box Sampler 1 because it and another were found in a sewing box, is of unknown date and origin. As you can see, there is no name or date on this sampler, and as you can see from the original, it was unfinished. Perhaps the stitcher meant to stitch her name at the bottom, and never finished it. 

There are some clues as to the origin, however. I believe it is Spanish in origin because of the presence of Spanish letters in a couple of the alphabets – the double LLs and the N with a tilde. There are other clues that lead me to believe this is of Spanish orgin. Spanish samplers were often square and had striking geometric borders. Some also used rather muted colors of cream, blues, greens and yellows.

While this isn’t a pure reproduction sampler, since I filled in the unfinished areas, I did strive to say true to the original with my adaptations. I hope you fall in love with this sampler as I have and enjoy creating it for youself.

The model is stitched on 46 ct Winter White linen from Seraphim Fabrics using 1 strand of Hand-Dyed Fibers silk floss over 2 linen threads for the cross stitch. Florentine and Bargello stitches are also used in this sampler. You can find an instructional video here: Florentine Stitch Tutorial. Please note: the floss usage amount in the key is based on using 2 strands on 14 ct/28 ct fabric. If you use higher counts of fabric, you will use less floss. I have also provided a DMC conversion. Vicki Clayton of Hand-Dyed Fibers has put together a floss pack for this chart and you can find it here: Sewing Box Sampler 1 Silk Pack

I have provided two PDFs for this design. The first one contains the PDF in black and white and color charts, plus the cover page and footer page with photos, Florentine Stitch chart and instructions, thread sorter, key and thread usage pages. The second one is a stripped down version for Pattern Keeper. It is the one titled JHC_SewingBoxSampler1_PKVersion. It contains only the black and white chart and the key, making it easy to upload to Pattern Keeper. Be sure to download both PDFs because you will need the full version one to work the Florentine Stitch border as well as the bargello border on the top.

Finished Design Size: 240 x 263
14 ct (over 1) or 28 ct (over 2) – 17.1 x 18.8 in.
16 ct (over 1) or 32 ct (over 2) – 15 x 16.4 in.
18 ct (over 1) or 36 ct (over 2) – 13.3 x 14.6 in.
40 ct (over 2) – 12 x 13.2 in.

I would love to see your version of my designs! If you share on social media, be sure to tag #janhickscreates.

My patterns come as PDFs delivered to your inbox. They are fully compatible with the Pattern Keeper app, making it easier than ever to stitch my designs!

Original design – Copyright Jan Hicks Creates 2021

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