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Jan Hicks Creates – Flosstube #49

Flosstube #49

Photo courtesy of Tempestry Project Blog – Tempestry display at North Central Michigan College

Concerned about climate change and the effect it’s having on our world? I have come across an organization that has put out a call for people to contribute to adding to the understanding and knowledge of climate change, using knitting or crochet as a medium to create a visual representation. This organization, called the Tempestry Project, has teamed up with the National Parks something something to help raise awareness of the impact of climate change on National Parks. You can learn more about it here: National Park Tempestry Project.
Want to join me and knit or crochet a National Park Tempestry Project? I have chosen Haleakala National Park. What Park will you choose? National Park Tempestry Kits

Other news – new to me Flosstuber – Linda Klinedinst

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Cross Stitch Finishes (click on images for larger version)

Grateful Hearts by The Trilogy – stitched on 28 Ct. Lugana.

Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler from 2017 – stitched on 32 ct unknown linen. Colors I used can be found on my Color Conversion page.

Cross stitch WIPs

Seasons Summer by Lila’s Studio

Paradise Floral by Kooler Designs Studio

Winter Morn by Shepherd’s Bush

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Jan Hicks Creates – Flosstube #46

Flosstube #46

Michelle Bendy Stitchy -Remember to find Michelle Garrette and subscribe to her new channel

Double the Stitchy Fun – thisnanastitches – Tamara and me chatting and stitching from opposites ends of the country!

WindyBay – Doris, fairly new to Flosstube

Mike’s crazy kitchen – video of making chili and watch for his video on how to make yogurt in the Instant Pot. Coming soon!

Projects this week: (Please click on image to see a larger version.)
Grateful Hearts by The Trilogy

Fractal Bookmark 705 by Cross stitch Collectibles

Green on Green by Rosewood Manor

Aloha Hawaii by Jeannette Douglas email for information on how to get this design.

Sea Glass by Carolyn Manning Designs

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Flosstube #45

Check out CZookStitch and her wonderful fabric choice for Harbor Haven. It’s going to be magnificent!

Flosstube #45

Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” – Aberjhani

A review of my Birthday Bash 2019 new starts:

  1. Aloha – 28 ct = 2 over 2  using same hand-dyed blue as Harbor Haven. Pattern can be found in April 2019 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine.
  2. Peonies – 32 ct unkn creamy/yellow linen – Stitched 2 over 2
  3. Spring door (Sweet Home – Spring) all four doors – 1 over 1 on 25 ct.- fabric
  4. Aloha Hawaii by Jeanette Douglas – 30 ct murano with some of the called for silks as well as some substitutions of cotton hand-dyed floss. If you’re interested in getting this pattern, you can email Jeannette at
  5. Om – Indian Elephant – 28 ct. Dense Fog Jobelan  stitchisn’t 2 over 2.  This link is to an Etsy shop called LoLaLottaShop. If you have never been to that shop, I highly recommend you get a drink of your favorite beverage and spend some time browsing through the hundreds of gorgeous patterns! Gorgeous designs from many Russian designers!
  6. Guiding Star Lighthouse kit – 30 ct fabric from Jackson Fabric Arts on Etsy. Stitching over 2.
  7. Pretty Little Hawaii by Satsuma Street – Using same fabric as Pretty Little India  36 ct. white linen
  8. Ranunculus Bouquet Punch Needle by Michelle PalmeR
  9. Lila’s Studios Seasons – Summer – using all the called for fabric and flosses
  10. Green on Green by Rosewood Manor – 32 ct. burnt bronze fabric from Under the Sea Fabrics and 3 colors of Silks4U floss. See my Color Conversion page for details on the silk colors.
  11. Fractal 705 Bookmark – stitched on 28 ct. evenweave 1 over 1. This is March’s free pattern. I don’t know how long these remain available.

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Jan Hicks Creates Flosstube #15

Every day happenings and Christmas in July giveaways!

New Flosstube Channels:
Linda Spalding

Laura Nelkin – LLK Knit with Laura and Lola

Misty Pursel’s new Etsy shop for hand-woven towels – LuminousFiberArts

Theresa Wentlzer’s 12 Days of Christmas series

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Two Sisters Floss pack Giveaway

Christmas in July hashtag – #jhcchristmasinjuly

Finishes this week – Lizzie Kate’s Snowman ’10


Harbor Haven SAL by By the Bay Needlearts – #HarborHavenSAL

Sally Spencer Sampler SAL #MustangSallySAL


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Stitch Maynia Day 30

Today brings us one day closer to the end of Maynia and also brings us a WIP to stitch on for the day. This is a lovely Dimenions kit that I got when I returned to stitching last summer.

I love the richness of the grapes and leaves, but I did switch out the brown Aida that came in the kit and substituted in a creamy, pinky 32 count linen I had in my stash. Learn more about it here:

This is a wonderful piece to work on. I don’t often work with blended threads, and the coloring they produce in this piece is gorgeous.

This one will be a joy to return to and get done, and I think it will stitch up rather quickly, once I get back to it. But for now, onward with Maynia! Tomorrow brings us to another gorgeous WIP! Stay tuned!

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Stitch Maynia Day 29

Day 29 was actually a knit with me day instead of a stitch with me day. Laura Nelkin was releasing a new club pattern, and I needed to swatch the yarn and choose bead. So join me for a knit with me day!

Since I had made kumihimo jewelry in the past, I had built up quite a stash of size 8/0 and 6/0 seed beads. There is a n0-bead option with Laura’s N Club kits, so that’s what I’m getting, which means I had to choose from my stash for beads for this design.

I decided to rope my viewers in to help me choose beads. The best way to choose beads for a project is to see them on the yarn, and since we have to (really, we do have to) knit a swatch anyway, I incorporated the beads in to the swatch.

I love how all of the beads look, so I really was having a hard time deciding. Most of my viewers and commenters on Instagram liked the second one from the top the best. I still couldn’t decide, so decided to wait for Laura’s live Facebook reveal for Club members that evening. I knew once I saw how the beads were actually used, I would know which beads were best.

The design is called Caramelized Cowl, and it uses Kettle Yarn Co.’s Beyul Singles in an exclusive colorway called Praline. The yarn is a yak/silk/merino blend, and it is luscious! The design will do it justice. The pattern is exclusive for N Club members for the first year.

Caramelized Cowl with Laura Nelkin of Nelkin Designs for The N Club

The beads are just lightly sprinkled through the design, so I’ve decided to go with the one that most people liked. They are the ones that stand out the best, and to be honest, those were the first beads I thought of when I first saw the yarn.

Next step, I need to block my gauge swatch, measure it to see if I got gauge, and then cast on!

In the meantime, check in tomorrow when I’ll be returning to another WIP!

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Stitch Maynia Day 28

I have been anxious to start this one ever since I got the linen. Printed linen wasn’t something that existed back in the 90s/early 2000s, which was when I pretty much stopped stitching. So, to discover all of the possibilities that are out there with printed linen has been fun. And Nichole Franklin of Kaniki’s Whims and Prims does it right up my alley. Now, I am not necesssarily a prim girl. That’s not really my style. But I do love me some grunge! And Nikki likes to grunge things up! So, when I saw this fabric and then the awesome pattern that goes with it, I knew I had to get it!

This picture gives a good look at the fabric, and the tiny little amount I did in my stitch with me video. This fabric is easy to work on, and smells good, too!

I got a little more done that day on the snow on the bottom, but not much!

I probably won’t pick this one up again until Christmas in July, so look for it then!


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Stitch Maynia Day 27

Today I got to visit a little bit with another one of my loves, the Modern Folk Embroidery Four Seasons Mystery Sal. Boy, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it! And it’s not a small project either, but it’s going to be an amazing piece when finished!


This is the one I had to restart when I realized I had oriented it on the fabric wrong. Made me sick to my stomach, but I love it so much, I had to do it.

I am still on Part 1, January, on this one, and Part 6 has just been released. So I have a little catching up to do on this one, but that’s okay. Every stitch is a joy and I don’t care how long it takes me to finish. I am enjoying the process.

Here is what I got done on Day 27.



Tomorrow, we’ll be turning to a new start and Christmas!



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Stitch Maynia Day 26

So, in my Day 26 Stitch with Me video, I described this pattern as my first Stitch Maynia failure. One of my viewers disagreed with me, saying that there is no way it’s a failure, since I have had so many other beautiful projects. And she is exactly right. You can see my Day 26 Stitch with Me here.

My Day 26 project was Bent Creek’s Summer Row. I was looking forward to doing this one because I knew it would be another fairly quick and easy project. I have seen several people do several of the different Rows over Stitch Maynia and they have all said how quick of a project it is. Considering how many projects I now have, and some of them fairly  large, I was happy to be starting another quick one. I termed this a failure however, because as I started it, I just wasn’t thrilled with it. I don’t know whether it’s the fabric, the colors in the pattern, or possibly the fact that I was doing two over two. You call know by now that I prefer 1 over two. But anyway, I didn’t pick it up the rest of the day, so whatI had gotten done was only what I had done on the video. I just wasn’t interested.

Again, considering how many WIPs I have now, all of which I LOVE, it didn’t make sense to continue with this. This taught me a valuable lesson about Stitch Maynia, though. If I ever do a whole month-worth of starts again, put designs at the end that I’m super-excited about starting. This will help keep me going, and keep me out of the stitching doldrums.

Tomorrow, I KNOW I won’t have that problem because tomorrow, I’ll be working on a much-loved WIP. Check back tomorrow to see that!

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Stitch Maynia 2018 Day 25

Day 25 saw me working on the gorgeous Chatelaine pattern Taj Mahal Mandala Garden. It has been about a year since I have picked it up, so it was a real pleasure to work on it again.

I am currently working on the satin stitches around the center square. According to the chart, these should be done in the Woven Scotch stitch. I found this stitch rather difficult, and quite frankly, I love the way the silks glow in the satin stitch, so that’s what I’m doing. I worked the satin stitches using  a trolley needle, which helps  the stitches to lay flat and evenly on the fabric.

I have a lot more work to do on this. Once Stitch Maynia is over, I plan to work on this on the weekends until it’s finished. Remember, to see a larger image, simply click on the picture.

Tomorrow, on to a simpler pattern! Summer Row by Bent Creek.