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Stitch Maynia 2018 Day 21

Here we are at Day 21 and I’m still going strong! I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with myself once Maynia is over and I’m not doing daily Stitch with Me videos, but I’m sure I’ll get back into some other kind of routine. Many people have said they will miss my daily videos, and I think that is so sweet, and kind of funny! Here is the Stitch with Me for Day 21.

Anyway, my project for Day 21 was Louise and Henry by Little House Needleworks. Of course, being a knitter, I fall in love with all sheep designs, and that this one says Wool on it is another plus. And I found out today that Little House Needleworks has a companion piece to this one called Warm Winter Woolens. You know I’ll need to add that to my stash, too!

I got a nice chunk done in my one day of stitching.

And of course, I changed a bunch of the called for colors. No surprise there!

I am using the DMC colors that are called for. I haven’t yet decided on all of the others. I’ll figure them out when I get to them, but the ones I have chosen are Vintage Motto Sampler Threads (VMST) Vintage Crochet for the Classic Colorworks Antique Lace, and VMST Sampler Greenery in place of Classic Colorworks Weeping Willow. I’ll note the final selection of colors when I finish the piece. Hopefully that won’t take too long, although I know there is a lot of stitching on the sheep.

But for now, on to the next project!

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Stitch Maynia Day 20

I’ve been going strong with Stitch Maynia. This is my first time doing it, and I jumped in with both feet and decided to do it for the whole month.

So here we are on Day 21. I’ve been meaning to do a better job of keeping track of my projects here on my blog, posting not only extra photos of my progress, but also any color changes I make. If you have listened to any of my YouTube videos, you are aware that I do make a LOT of changes. So, I hereby vow that I will do a better job of documenting  my work.

Let’s get started. I’ve been doing a Stitch with Me video almost everyday of Stitch Maynia. In these posts, I’ll cover the project from the previous day, so I can show you updated pictures. You can find the video for Day 20 here:

Day 20’s Project: Philip Foster Farmhouse by Heartstring Samplery. This was an exclusive kit for the store Country Sampler in Wisconsin. You can learn more about the club here: Girls Club Farmhouse Samplers. As of this writing, the club is still open to new members.

Because this is a kit that came with the linen and all the floss needed, I am using everything as called for. Here is the progress I made on it. If you click on the picture, you can see a bigger version of it.

My intention was to work on the outlines of the roof and house and I’m happy with what I got done. One to the next project!